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EDTC Platform

     The Ellington DTC members and candidates are dedicated Ellington residents who want to see our town prosper for all.  We are a dedicated group that believe that our schools, social and safety services, along with our administration should work for the betterment of all our residents.

      One of the top priorities for the Democrat Town Committee is the well being and safety of our residents.  Overnight police officers every night of the week and full-time resources officers for each school is an investment our community that allows our families and residents to thrive.


      Keeping and attracting small business to Ellington along with ensuring that our farms are viable and successful is crucial to the identity of our rural town.  We want the administration, regardless of party, to commit to a long-term strategic community plan, in coordination with various boards, to provide a vision that strengthens the quality of life for our residents and where small business can flourish.  The Ellington Democrats believe that accountability and transparency throughout the municipality is good government and it breeds a level of trust that all residents can stand behind.

     Education stands as the bedrock of our community's future.  We pledge our support to teacher programs aimed at elevating our students' performance in Reading and Math.  As democrats, we will continue to prioritize fiscal responsibility, guaranteeing that each education dollar yields meaningful outcomes for our children.  Our Board of Education goal will be to continue to build STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math) programs and endorse differential learning approaches, catering to the diverse needs of all students, thereby nurturing a comprehensive and inclusive educational system.

     Our dedication to aiding our aging residents remains steadfast, as we actively support the Property Tax Relief Program to help keep seniors in their homes. Furthermore, we will continue to take action by voting for small business tax remedies, such as the Day Care Tax Abatement that can reduce the financial strains on both our local families and small businesses within our community. We firmly uphold the belief that transparency across all boards is essential for effective governance, and we are committed to providing Ellington residents with access to accessible and responsive leadership. Moreover, we advocate for the ongoing evolution of the Hall Memorial Library to better align with the expanding needs of the community it serves.


     The Ellington Democrats believe that you can only build a better tomorrow by planting those seeds today.


October 4, 2023
The Ellington DTC members will be distributing our platform walk-card during our door to door campaign with an outline of our 2023 agenda for both our general election candidates and for the Board of Education.
Please support our candidates o
n November 7th!  Click on either image below to download the both cards.

October 3, 2023
The Ellington DTC announces their party platform for their candidates seeking election for the November election along with their slate of candidates.  

Download the PDF below to read the entire press release.

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